Services: Energy Efficiency Program

We are proud to announce that we are Trade Allies with the Pepco Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program for the Washington, DC area. This program is designed to promote and encourage the incorporation of energy-efficient equipment, products and services into construction, renovation or replacement projects, large and small. From starting a project from the ground up to replacing or upgrading major mechanical equipment, the C&I Energy Efficiency program can provide cash incentives to reduce project costs.

How It Works

Certain upgrades to your current system or installing more efficient equipment can help you reduce your energy use through a Kilowatt Reduction. The amount you save in kilowatt reduction with the use of more efficient equipment will be compensated for as a monetary rebate through Pepco. We can help you determine whether the upgrade is applicable for this rebate per Pepco standards as well as handle all administrative processes. By choosing us for your HVAC project needs, we will not only ensure that you have quality, energy-efficient equipment, but that you also save money in the process. It's that easy!

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about Pepco's HVAC Efficiency, Prescriptive Rebate and Custom Incentive Programs, please click here to obtain more details to understand which would best fit your project needs. If we can help you with any of these programs please contact one of our Sales Engineers at (301) 670-6300.